What Biden Really Said

Adolfo Jimenez, May 26, 2020

Joe Biden’s recent assertion that “…if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” has set off the usual, “Oh, that’s good old crazy uncle Joe,” from the left, and “see, he’s unfit for office,” from the right.

Both sides are correct. Crazy uncle Joe is not fit for office.

What I object to is that it is being characterized as a gaffe. If it happens once, it’s a gaffe. Twice is a screw up. A lifetime of these offenses is a pattern of behavior that Biden’s sycophants defend at their own peril. Are we overreacting?

Are people too sensitive these days? I don’t know. I tried to do some “man on the street” interviews but there were no men, or women, on the street. Apparently there’s a quarantine going around.

The bigger issue, which is being ignored, is that Biden’s statement exposed the fact that the democrats take minority votes for granted. This was not a gaffe, it was a statement of belief. The democrats feel they are the owners of minority votes. When their voters wander off the plantation, or run to safety in the Free State of Think for Yourself, the hounds are loosed, and they are brought back into the loving embrace of their plantation massa.

I grew up in a Cuban-American home. My family was republican. I was a republican until being a republican meant you were a pro-life democrat who prefered welfare for corporations instead of people.

More than once, people asked me how I could be a republican. It was a given that as a minority I should be the property of the democrat party. Some called me a sellout, or told me I was trying to be white. These comments usually came from white liberals who wondered why an uppity spic like me was getting out of line. I am now a registered libertarian so I get the confused screeching from the left and the right. It’s why earplugs come in pairs.

But I digress. For too many years, the big open dirty secret is that the democrat party owns the black, latino, and minority vote. Every 2 – 4 years, they come out and make the same promises to their “constituents” and they talk about the racist republican bogeyman hiding behind every corner and under every bed and in every shadow, waiting to oppress the black, the brown, the gay and the otherwise different.

The democrats are aided in this deception by the charlatans, the self-proclaimed leaders of the disaffected communities, the reverends and the professors who work only to increase their power and their fortunes. They are the tour guides bringing the masses to the false messiah. Since LBJ made his 200 years comment, there has been a reliable stream of black voters putting democrats in places of power. Their reward is to be kept in their own place. The democrats don’t worry about losing the minority vote, so there is no reason for them to try hard to keep it. They say enough to get them out to the polls and to keep them scared of what will happen when the other side wins. But, the other side does win. And sometimes the other side loses. Nothing changes.

Power has shifted left and right for the last 50 years with the minorities solidly leaning to the left. The result is that the minority vote has been devalued. The right knows they can’t have them, so there is no reason to fight for them. The left knows they own them, so no reason to put any effort into keeping them. As a wise man once said, “congratulations, you played yourself.”

Joe Biden’s comment was less a gaffe than a Freudian slip. He was essentially saying, “I own your vote. You and I both know that, so get in line.” He made this confession during an interview with a podcaster known as Charlamagne tha God. Charlamagne will likely have Biden on again. He’ll ask some questions and Biden will offer hollow answers that use lots of words which add up to nothing. Tha God will bow to the man. All will be well on the left.

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Adolfo Jimenez is the chair of the elections committee of the Libertarian Party of Broward
County. He is an author, poet, and blogger. He lives in Hollywood, Florida. He has published
eight books, which you can find here:http://amazon.com/author/adolfojimenez