The School Board of Broward County Has Failed Us!

At the August 28th primaries, the citizens of Broward County have the chance to say NO MORE TAXES. Our kids deserve a better education, but these funds will only be wasted on bureaucrats and administrators.

• According to the state’s public report card, South Florida school grades improved in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties but stayed flat in Broward County in 2018.
• Administrator’s and teacher’s wages are being increased while little changes within schools.
• The Broward County School Board has redirected the capital raised from the school Board bonds that was supposed to be used for school construction and building upgrades to the Admin’s pockets.
• The school district is hiring a chief public information officer (spin doctor) with a six-figure salary.

Before the citizens are asked to provide one more dollar to the School system, we need to demand that a full audit of policies and procedures related to expenditures be undertaken and made public in its entirety. More money to public education does not equate to better education. Innovative education and technological advances will result in improvements to education.