The Executive Committee

Per the LPBC Constitution and Florida Law, the Executive Committee consists of one Man and Woman (yeah we know the law is not woke) from each precinct in Broward County. They are elected positions, but prior to the annual August elections, those positions can be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee.

The current requirements to be an EC member per the LPBC Constitution are to be registered as a Libertarian voter in Florida, to reside in your precinct and to sign the Loyalty Oath.

Name, Position, Precinct

Michael Smith, Chairman N022

Diona Kozma, Vice Chairman E022

Oscar Gallego, Treasurer A007

Caleb Rodrigues, Secretary D014

Shawn Lux Q071

Dean Morrison E027

Lee Korotzer J002

Jim Allocco R018

Omar Recuero V009

Michael Solley C035

Shelly Hallmark S008

Kurt Gardner E005

Bill Fowler E013

Adolfo Jimenez V026

Michael Kalb P004

Philippe Neptune Y007

Mike ter Maat V021

Dan Cardwell Q041

Dan Licitra Q062

Josh Hlavka R057

Alexander Bumbu T014

Alex Maslinkovsky Q044