Remember the Arawaks

In 1492, there were over three million free people living and thriving on the island of Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic). In 1508, there were only 60,000 people left alive, struggling to survive on the island. These three million free and productive humans were wiped out by other humans driven by the desire to please their government.

This snapshot illustrates the destruction that comes when people begin to give government power over their lives and simply become accepting followers. Whether you are currently the hunter or the preyed upon, on top or on the bottom, does not matter, for that can change at any moment. What matters is you must never accept the government, the current rulers or the current kings, or let them cause you to put their policies ahead of the most sacred human policy – thou shall not kill, harm, or act in aggression towards your fellow humans.

To the People of America, to the Humans of America, I say this – Remember the Arawaks, those pre-Colombian people of Hispaniola. Remember how we act when scammed into “pleasing the king / government”. Remember that we must always be driven by the desire to live peacefully, to coexist, to oppose government abuse and overreach, for if that abuse is left unchecked, it will divide and destroy.

We know the destruction caused by government and its corrupt minions, but we also know the powers possessed by Free People. We must push the cause of Freedom.

We humbly request you join The Libertarian Party. Become a member, become an activist, take the NAP (Non-aggression Pledge), begin demanding that your right to coexist peacefully among the human nation be heard and respected by the government and felt throughout the country.

by Michael Smith – Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Broward County