Ranked Choice Voting Liberty Happy Hour

Join us at the Moose Lodge in Tamarac at 7pm for our Liberty Happy Hour

6191 Rock Island Rd, Tamarac, FL 33319

Major Improvement to the Election Process

Join us as we welcome David Angel from “Rank My Vote Florida” to lead a presentation and discussion about Ranked Choice Voting.
“Rank My Vote Florida is a nonpartisan, not for profit Florida organization working to bring ranked choice voting to future local, state, and federal elections in the Sunshine State. We are a grassroots organization founded and led by average citizens from around Florida, and we would LOVE to have you be a part of our effort!
It has long been known, not just in Florida, and not just in the rest of the United States, but indeed around the globe that our state is the largest “purple” swing state. How we vote in Florida impacts the rest of the country and the planet.
We believe that ranked choice voting will bring about a sea change to the political landscape in Florida, and potentially to the rest of America, by making candidates have to consider all voters, not just their bases. RCV will incentivize candidates to move away from negative & personal attack ads and focus on solutions to problems.”