Press Release

Second Amendment Should not be Infringed

For Immediate Release:
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Our chapter completely disagrees with the contents of the bill CS/SB 7026 passsed by Florida Legislature. We strongly hold that the our rights, protected by the U.S Constitution, must be respected. The bill as passed fails as a solution: it disarms under 21s when they were the very targets of recent mass shootings, and yet only the Parkland mass shooting had a shooter under 21. Negligence by law enforcement agencies directly resulted in the Parkland mass shooting demonstrating the importance of self-defense. Gun Free Zones prevent self-defense and are responsible for 95% of mass shootings. We ask Governor Rick Scott to veto this bill and encourage him to bring safety solutions to our students such as armed security, elimination of free gun zones and free choice for any teacher and students to carry arms.