Press Release

No on Sales Tax Increase for Transportation

For Immediate Release:
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Insiders Furr and Stuart say it’s only a penny for us to become a “smart county” and get “what we deserve” but voters should not be fooled.

Furr cites the influx of new residents as a reason for the tax hike but fails to see that new residents buy gas so, along with all of us driving more thanks to moderate gas prices, tax revenues are going up. With the WAVE and TOPS debacles as reminders, our politicians cannot be trusted with nebulous solutions any more than they can be trusted to not raid the projected transportation funds. Voters were once promised that a State lottery monopoly would solve our education funding but politicians, as always, spent the money elsewhere. A higher sales tax will also push more purchases to the Internet, a loss for local merchants.

We need accountability and well-defined transportation plans, not a 30 year blank check for Broward politicians.

Steve Litton
Executive Member of the Libertarian Party of Broward County