The Liberty Drip

  • Libertarian Range Night – September 29, 2022
    Space is limited so register today! You will need to bring your own guns, ammo, ear & eye protection, and targets. These items are available for a purchase/rental fee at … Read more
  • Airwaves to Heaven @ Pompano Beach Brewing Co
    Join us for a social event as we enjoy Airwaves to Heaven @ Pompano Beach Brewing Company!
  • Alice in Chains Meetup
    Come join some LP Broward members as we see Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin, & Bush live. MUST PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS DIRECTLY Link: Buy tickets here
  • School Board Candidate Forum
    The Libertarian Party of Broward County will be hosting an online forum for Broward County School Board candidates. All candidates have been invited to attend. The event will be held … Read more
  • Elected Leaders Don’t Want You To Know What They Are Doing!
    If anything should persuade lawmakers in Tallahassee that the internet remains an unnavigable place for people in search of basic public information, it should be these interminable months of Covid-19. … Read more
  • The Libertarian Party Has a Long and Rich Tradition for Supporting the Rights of the LGTB
    The Libertarian Party has a long and rich tradition for supporting the rights of the LGTB Community.  As recently as 2013 the Libertarian Party supported the Supreme Court’s decision United States … Read more
  • Minimum Rage
    The voters of the state of Florida passed a law which will result in a $15 minimum wage by 2026. The bill passed with just over 60% of the vote. … Read more
  • The Great Deception
    Stimulus Checks from Heaven Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff and Enron may be known for perpetrating infamous frauds but these scams pale in comparison to The Great Deception. This fraud, hatched … Read more
  • Love in the time of Covid
    June 14, 2020 A family is playing basketball in their front yard. Someone reports this to the police. The police break up the game and send them inside.***A couple in … Read more
  • Lessons From Toothless Idiots
    Adolfo Jimenez, June 4, 2020 I was in the third grade the first time someone called me a Cuban and meant it as an insult. One of my classmates showed … Read more
  • What Biden Really Said
    Adolfo Jimenez, May 26, 2020 Joe Biden’s recent assertion that “…if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” has set off … Read more
  • Giving Me Liberty Does Not Give You Death
    A Libertarian View from the COVID Foxhole Mike ter Maat, April 30, 20201 The recent novel coronavirus outbreak has prompted a variety of responses from our federal, state and local … Read more
  • It’s Not ‘Only a Penny’
    Monday, October 8, 2018  Fort Lauderdale – Riding their buzz from their recent Broward County property tax increase, high tax zealots now have a ballot question before the public to increase … Read more
  • Emotion Triumphs Over Reason
    Many have heard the horrific tales of funeral directors taking advantage of grieving families by upselling and over-charging for services during a time when families are shell-shocked by the loss … Read more
  • Bend the Rules for Beckham
    On second thought, hold on a minute. Government involvement in non-government matters all too often leads to problems. In Miami, this has spawned a conflict between soccer proponents and golfers … Read more
  • Everyone is Half Libertarian
    Like most Libertarians, I am occasionally asked what Libertarians believe. Since this is my only chance to make a positive first-impression, my preferred response is that Libertarians believe the same … Read more
  • James Oaksun Editorial Reply
    James Oaksun’s editorial in the Sun-Sentinel, Broward should increase gas tax, not sales tax, for transportation help, merits a response from the Libertarian Party of Broward County (LPBC) for its … Read more
  • Debbie’s Nest of Spies?
    Unauthorized log-ins to 15 congressional servers. $283,000 wired to individuals in Pakistan. A congresswoman’s laptop computer found abandoned in a phone booth. Federal agents arresting a man only moments away … Read more
  • SOS Venezuela
    Driving around South Florida, one often see cars with bumper stickers saying, “SOS Venezuela”. SOS is the international code for extreme distress, but Venezuela is a country blessed with the … Read more
  • Business As Usual Is Killing The LP
    Imagine a business. We’ll call it L Corporation. There are employees and a product everybody wants and they have locations everywhere. In spite of the locations and all those employees, … Read more
  • 2018 Commencement Address
    Graduation season is in full swing as economically illiterate Hollywood celebrities belly up to university lecterns across the country inspiring graduates with optimism and hope that will propel them into … Read more
  • Kanye and Bob
    You may consider it a stretch, but I have been examining the similarities between Kanye West and the great Bob Marley. I’m not comparing their music and frankly, I know … Read more
  • Lord High Commander of the Echo Chamber
    It’s been approximately a year since I joined the Libertarian Party of Broward County. I jumped in with all my enthusiasm because I knew I had found my political home. … Read more
  • Remember the Arawaks
    In 1492, there were over three million free people living and thriving on the island of Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic). In 1508, there were only 60,000 people … Read more
  • Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops
    “Someday I’ll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far Behind me. Where troubles melt like lemon drops Away above the chimney tops That’s where you’ll … Read more
  • What Is Diversity Really?
    It’s about 6:45 AM and I’m in the gym on a treadmill jogging along at 4.3 MPH. I don’t tell you this to impress you. I’m a little embarrassed, so … Read more
  • Unbreak My Heart
    When did you start accepting murder? When did you become perfectly comfortable voting for a political party that murders? Surely you were not raised to accept and embrace murdering? Think … Read more
  • Hole
    President Trump allegedly called Haiti and some other countries in the Third World, “Shitholes.” We didn’t hear the president say this, and the original source is one of his political … Read more
  • Don’t Tax, Don’t Spend
    The smoke has cleared, and we stand on the rubble of a demolished civilization. Millions have died. We are in ruins. Mothers roam the streets, starving babies in their arms, … Read more
  • My Dinner with Ron Paul
    I am a relatively newly-minted Libertarian. I grew up a Republican, was very involved in Republican Party functions, serving as a committeeman, executive committee member, operative, and more. I have … Read more
  • The Debt Ladder
    We’re a couple of days away from another government shutdown. Go ahead, yawn loudly. I’ll wait. The Republocrats are blaming each other, and the news media is in a panic, … Read more
  • Taxation is Theft
    We’ve all seen the hashtag. Maybe you’ve seen a bumper sticker. Certainly a meme. The phrase has become ubiquitous. It’s also fun to say. But is it true? Is taxation … Read more
  • Village on Fire – Haitian Refugees
    The Haitian community in South Florida numbers approximately 300,000, and it is on fire. The federal government’s handling of the Haitian refugees that came to the U.S. via the Temporary … Read more
  • Fiscal Conservative Frauds
    If you say you are a fiscal conservative and are registered as anything other than Libertarian, you are a fraud. Let’s look at the budget for the U.S. government. A … Read more
  • Watch for Motor Cycles
    I’m not a bike guy. I don’t care if you are. I watch for motorcycles just as I watch for cars, bicycles, joggers, duckies, UFOs, and pedestrians. I don’t watch … Read more
  • Ugly Skinny-Dippers
    The 2016 Presidential election cycle was a great moment in American politics. The tide abruptly went out and both legacy parties were caught swimming naked. And it was ugly! Each … Read more
  • An Awkward Lover
    I have a confession to make. I have recently taken on a new lover and what we do every week is pure magic. The attraction is undeniable. It cannot be … Read more
  • Reduction, Not Elimination
    When one of us identifies oneself as a Libertarian, one common response is, “You guys scare me! You want to do away with [insert favorite federal government program].” Most Libertarians … Read more
  • Christmas in FEMA
    My wife’s Grandfather has a great Christmas tradition.  Most of the extended family gets together for Christmas, and Grandpa Ralph’s Christmas gift ceremony always gives off the biggest glare.  He … Read more
  • Power Merchants
    There is a fundamental danger in the way politics as usual are practiced in this country, and a fundamental threat imposed by the regular practitioners of the game. All politicians … Read more
  • Taking a knee
    At this very moment, America is $20 trillion in debt. The man-child ruler of North Korea is launching missiles like a kid lights bottle rockets and our man-child president is … Read more