Liberty Beach Walk

Each month, the Libertarian Party of Broward County visits a public beach to reach out and spread the message of liberty!

Next Beach Walk: May 16th at Deerfield Beach

Are you “right,” “left” or “center”? Come find out with the Libertarian Party of Broward
County! We will have a team out there ready to answer your questions or just converse with
you. So stop by and visit us at the beach on Sunday and we’ll plot your quiz answers on our
“Nolan Chart” to find out where you land on the political spectrum.

We will be set up is on the sidewalk near the beach, by the BIG “Deerfield Beach” sign, in
the area of the Deerfield Beach Lifeguard Headquarters at 71 SE 21st Ave, Deerfield
Beach, FL 33441. There is a bench just to the North of the big sign, we will most likely be
right there. We will be wearing Libertarian gold shirts so you won’t be able to miss us. All
interested in friendly dialog are encouraged to find us and say hello.
Email any questions to: or call: (754) 307-4688

Previous Liberty Beach Walks

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