Executive Committee

An Executive Committee comprising of four elected members manages the Libertarian Party of Broward County (LPBC). Oscar Gallego has served as Chairman since his election in February 2017.  Adolfo Jiménez was elected Vice-Chairman in December 2017. Philippe Neptune and Michael Smith have served as Treasurer and Secretary respectively since February 2017.

The role of the Executive Committee (EC) is simply to manage the Chapter’s affairs.  An early EC objective was to hold regular meetings, targeting 2 per month, a business meeting and a social meeting.  The overall objective of the EC is to assist in getting Libertarians elected here in Broward County and to support State and National campaign efforts.


Oscar Gallego

Chairman Oscar Gallego has resided in South Florida for over 10 years. He worked for Adrian Wyllie’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign with the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade. During that time he aided in the implementation of the chapter’s new constitution. After moving to Broward County, he worked as a secretary for the Libertarian party of Broward County until being elected chairman in February 2017.
 Vice Chairman
Adolfo Jiménez

 Vice Chairman Adolfo Jimenez joined the Libertarian Party in 2017, after spending years as a republican activist. Adolfo has enjoyed success in the corporate world and as a business owner. He is an established public speaker, coach, and trainer. Adolfo lives with his family in Hollywood, FL.


Philippe Neptune


Michael Smith

In 2013 Michael J. Smith, after hearing about Libertarianism for the first time from a friend, registered as a Libertarian and became a proud and active member of the Libertarian Party. Realizing he had been a Libertarian his whole life but just didn’t know it, his focus is on educating people on Libertarianism and growing the Party with the goal of Liberty having a voice in State, Federal, and local governments.