Don’t Tax, Don’t Spend

The smoke has cleared, and we stand on the rubble of a demolished civilization. Millions have died. We are in ruins. Mothers roam the streets, starving babies in their arms, begging for a drop of milk or a crumb from a rich man’s plate. They are shooed away. Oftentimes, they are shot for sport and their children are fed to the rich man’s dogs. In the ruins, children play with rats because they have no toys. Eventually, when the play is no longer an adequate distraction and the hunger is too great, they eat the rats. In one horrific action, they lose their toy… and their innocence as they learn that in this new world, you have to kill in order to stay alive. We live in this horror because you got a tax cut. I hope you’re happy. Bastard.

Earlier this week, the US senate passed the $1.5 trillion tax cut bill. Several companies like Boeing, Wells Fargo, and AT&T among others reacted by giving their employees bonuses and raising their minimum wage to $15. That’ll kill a baby like nobody’s business.

The right is jumping up and down, moon-walking, high-fiving, and low-fiving each other. They are celebrating all across the country at their yacht clubs and in their private jets, raising their fine china, toasting and boasting about this latest example of the Republican Party being the party of small-government, the government for the People.  The Republicans, during their victory lap, now talk about their shift of focus to reducing spending.  Just kidding, not a peep.

The left is crying over this latest end of the world.  For the Democrats, this is the perfect opportunity to say “The other side sucks.”  The Democrats say, the rich get richer.  The perfect opportunity to work towards division, in this case, it is the rich versus the poor.  For the Democrats it is a benefit to a group they are opposed to, which makes it a bad thing.  Tax cuts are not a bad thing to the Democrats, but tax cuts for Americans who they don’t pander to is.

Libertarians are shaking their heads wondering when the duocracy will address the real issue: spending. Nothing matters if we don’t cut spending. We run deficits every year. We have more debt than we’ll ever be able to pay. Giving us back some of our money doesn’t hurt anyone except the beast that feeds on our money. This beast is known as congress. They take our money to fund pork barrel projects in their districts and they act as if they’re doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. They point to these projects every 2 or 6 years and say, “Look what I did for you. Send me back to Washington!”

The tax cuts are a good thing. Spending cuts would be an even better thing. Cutting short the careers of these tax-and-spend demagogues would be the most effective way to tame the deficit and keep taxes low, but they wouldn’t vote to get off the gravy train. They know the debt doesn’t matter because it’ll be here long after they’re all dead. They know the only thing that matters is reelection. The only thing that matters is that you keep writing that check so they can keep spending it like the reckless fools they’ve proven themselves to be. Tax cuts threaten their existence and, so they fight. The question is whether you’ll fight back.

Here’s how you fight back, how to stand up, grab the microphone, and tell them “We know exactly what you are doing, and we are done with your nonsense!”

  1. Control the conversation.  Any chatter about tax cuts needs to be met with “Spending cuts are what matter.”
  2. Vote in every election & vote against the incumbent – whoever the incumbent happens to be
  3. Run as a Libertarian and disrupt the entire system

by Adolfo Jiménez – Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Broward County