Christmas in FEMA

My wife’s Grandfather has a great Christmas tradition.  Most of the extended family gets together for Christmas, and Grandpa Ralph’s Christmas gift ceremony always gives off the biggest glare.  He has plain white envelopes with everyone’s name on them, stuffed full of one-dollar bills.  I am not sure what it is but it is just the coolest thing to receive a thick envelope from someone.

1 month after hurricane Irma paid a visit to Florida, I received an email from my manager titled FEMA relief.  The email was to notify the employees of the company that if they experienced a power loss for 5 days or more they were entitled to $1,500 in relief money from our good friends at FEMA.  Yes, another opportunity to receive a stuffed envelope!  

This is the oldest BIG GOVERNMENT trick in the book.  Much like a tax ‘refund’ they expect us to be grateful to them for returning some of the money they had taken from us.  This gracious gift serves two purposes for the federal government – it intends to send the message that you can’t take care of yourself but don’t worry, the government will take care of you.  Secondly, by showing the ‘benefit’ it provides, it builds further support.  The federal government takes 25% of my earnings, each year, and is offering me, if I qualify, to give me a one-time return of 1%.  Screw Christmas in FEMA, it is a bum deal.  

The FEMA Santa is a fraud, unlike Grandpa Ralph.  It is not the federal governments place to pick winners and losers and decide who needs assistance.  If any government should be involved at all, it should be State & local.  But This Libertarian says be accountable, be informed.  You decide what measures are needed to prepare for any situation and plan accordingly.  Lean on your support system, friends, family, community.

by Michael Smith – Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Broward County