Anti-Mandate/Freedom Rally

In solidarity with the World Wide Rallies for Freedom, we are hosting an event in Broward County. All that value freedom are welcome…the voices of freedom don’t come from one particular political party or group…we are ALL in this together! With new speaker announcements pending, our confirmed speakers are:
– Introduction from our Chairwoman, Diona Kozma
– Mike ter Maat – Candidate for Congress FL District 20
– Elon from Florida Fathers for Freedom
– Angela Contreras, Candidate for Palm Beach County School Board
We must stand up against vaccine mandates and passports…we must show support to those that have served for 18 months in the trenches of the Covid-19 outbreak, that are now being told they cannot work without being vaccinated. (Parking is available in the Lowe’s Parking Lot)
SW Corner of Oakland Park Blvd & University Drive