Platform of the Libertarian Party of Broward County


Article 1


1 Statement of Principle

All individuals have a birth right, to live their life as freely as they see fit, so long as their actions do not cause harm to others or property. This is the core of Libertarian philosophy, that is based upon tolerance and non aggression.


2 Non Aggression Principle

No individual, group, or government may initiate force against any other individual, group, or government for societal, monetary or political gain.


3 Self Ownership

Everyone is entitled the right of self ownership. Individuals own their bodies and have rights over them that other individuals, groups, and governments may not violate. Individuals have the freedom and responsibility to decide what they knowingly and voluntarily consume, and what risks they accept to their own health, finances, safety, or life.


4 No Victim No Crime

We favor the repeal of all laws creating “crimes” without victims, such as the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes. We support restitution to the victim to the fullest degree possible at the expense of the criminal or the negligent wrongdoer.


5 Innocence

The constitutional rights of the criminally accused, including due process, a speedy trial, legal counsel, trial by jury, and the legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty, must be preserved.

We assert the common-law right of juries to judge not only the facts but also the justice of the law.


6 Economics

All individuals have a right to the fruits of their labor. No group or government may hold a claim over the fruits of any individual’s labor or property they own. Taxation is theft.

Any and all exchanges of anything of value should be conducted voluntarily.

We favor the repeal of all property taxes in Broward County and for localites to find more voluntary means for funding services.

We favor the repeal of all CRA’s in Broward County.


7 Right to Privacy

We favor the repeal of all laws and ordinances that allow red light cameras, speed cameras, license plate readers and other devices that are used for mass surveillance, which invade the privacy of all individuals.

We favor the repeal of laws and policies that allow metadata collection or electronic communication interception which is used to spy on peaceful people without their consent or a warrant. This create an artificial environment of guilt until proven innocent, all while circumventing due process.

It is the right of all individuals to be left alone from governmental intrusion into their private lives.


8 Self Defense

All individuals have a right to protect themselves or their family or property that is rightfully owned and no individual should be deprived that right.

The only justifiable use of force, is in defense of life, liberty or property.


9 Equality and Charity

It is the right of any individual to self identify however they choose, to be able to freely express themselves in whichever manner they choose and to be able to associate freely with whomever they choose.

We favor the repeal of any law, ordinance or governmental policy which creates segregation and or limits Freedom of Speech.


10 Omissions

Our silence about any other particular government law, regulation, ordinance, directive, edict, control, restriction, regulatory agency, activity, or objections should not be construed to imply approval.