About Us

The Libertarian Party of Broward County is the local affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Florida. We represent more than 2,000 registered voters in the region. We believe in individual liberty, free markets and limited government.  Our Executive Committee is composed of Precinct Committee Persons who vote for Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary at the Annual Organizational Meeting every year. They also meet
bi-monthly to decide the direction of our party.   We put on many events open to the public including a monthly Liberty Happy Hour, including a presentation and social hour intended to reach out to our local community and share our political philosophy.  

ChairwomanDiona Kozma

The 2016 Presidential Election was the time when Diona M Kozma finally realized she’d had enough of “Lesser of Two Evils” candidates. She vowed to no longer vote for a candidate just to make sure “the other guy/girl” didn’t win. That’s when she finally registered as a Libertarian and didn’t look back.

Secretary – Caleb Rodrigues

Reading Henry David Thoreau’s On Civil Disobedience in his youth brought Caleb Rodrigues to libertarianism. In him grew a passion for political economy and philosophy. Since then, his task has been to study and advocate for left-libertarian economic policy such as the single tax and to fight for civil liberties and voting reform. Caleb Rodrigues first became active by joining the Libertarian Party of Broward County to help with the website.

Treasurer – Dan Cardwell

Constitution & Standing Rules