About Us

The Libertarian Party of Broward County is a local affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Florida. We represent more than 1,600 registered voters in the region. We believe in individual liberty, free markets and limited government. 
Our Executive Committee is composed of Precinct Committee Persons who vote for Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary at the Annual Organizational Meeting every year. They also meet monthly to decide the direction of our party.
We put on many events open to the public including a monthly Liberty Happy Hour, including a presentation and social hour intended to reach out to our local community and share our political philosophy.


James Allocco
Jim was a libertarian before he even knew what a libertarian was. In his younger years he often would question why both of the two “major” parties in the U.S. seemed to focus on chiseling away at the freedoms we enjoy in this country. A mentor introduced him to the Libertarian Party, and Jim would never look back. He now believes that the torch has been passed to him, and it is his duty to actively spread the message of liberty and make the world a better place.
Vice Chairman

Lee Korotzer


Frank Montes


Michael Smith

In 2013 Michael J. Smith, after hearing about Libertarianism for the first time from a friend, registered as a Libertarian and became a proud and active member of the Libertarian Party. Realizing he had been a Libertarian his whole life but just didn’t know it, his focus is on educating people on Libertarianism and growing the Party with the goal of Liberty having a voice in State, Federal, and local governments.