Liberty Happy Hour
2nd Amendment Trivia

Libertarians, We Need to be Active
Being Libertarian means proudly standing in front of the Constitution and defending it against the ever-reaching hand of the government.
The government is now overtly targeting the 2nd Amendment. We need to stand opposed to infringements on the 2nd Amendment, the Bill of Rights & the Constitution.
Join us to meet and gather with like-minded people. People who cherish Liberty. We need to reach for the power button, turn on, activate, and turn up the volume. We need to be heard. The Power belongs to the People, not the government.
This month’s Liberty Happy Hour features a 2nd AMENDMENT TRIVIA segment, where we all get to test our 2nd Amendment knowledge. Win prizes.
We strongly encourage you to dedicate time to our freedom, defend our Liberties, and make new Liberty acquaintances.

No walk-ins allowed for this gathering since this is a hotly debated topic, so please RSVP.

Friday, September 20, 2019 at 7 PM
6191 Rock Island Rd, Tamarac, Florida 33319

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